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Residential and Commercial Roofing

Murray Roofing company for many home and business owners has experts in the installation of roofs of all types, on both residential and commercial buildings. We can also be trusted to educate our customers about the products and services that we provide, and to help them select the best option available for their unique situation. A wide range of roofing systems available in today's commercial & residential roofing market is especially made for you to suit your needs.

Roofing Repair & Installation

Roof repairs require less labor, material, and necessary disposal compared to installing a new roof. This cuts down on money and time. However, if you are going to make a repair, it is still important to consider the ventilation of your attic.

Most expert roofers will agree that reroofing will not last as long as a new roof. When re-roofing, the life span of the roofing shingles is approximately 25% less than if you were to go with a new roof. Furthermore, if your home has any of the following, you should consider a new roof: existing roofing has bad decking, existing roofing is in very poor condition, existing roofing has too many layers, or existing roofing has bad incompatible shingles.

If you are still unsure which route to take, an experienced contractor will be able to guide you through your decision making. They can inform you on your options and let you know whether you need a new roof, or if it’s better for you to repair your existing one.


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