Lincoln, Nebraska Roofing Company

Commercial & Residential Roofing

We install and service all types of roofing, from commercial to residential, flat to sloped roof. We have seen all types of roofing. So we know what types of roofing has stood the greatest test of all and that is the test of time and the weather. A quality roofing is not only the materials you use, but the way in which they are installed. The best materials in the world won't do a bit of good if they're not installed properly.

Roofing installation & Repair

Proper installation is very important to a roofing system that includes the shingles, felt, venting, drip edge and flashing. You should also know the proper safety guidelines for you to be aware of proper roof installation. Installing a new roof on your home or on a building is a big job, one that can even be fraught with danger. Normally it is proper that you leave this task to a professional to prevent you from doing some mistakes that would end up making your expenses much higher than hiring a professional.

Right tools and materials for your roof should be installed for proper protection. Inspection and repair of the decking is also necessary for your roofing. This stage is very important for your roof to maintain its quality that could protect your home or building from any danger that could affect your roof.

We have the knowledge and skills to perform repairs on almost any type of roofs. From wind damage, penetration, breakdown, ice damage, flashing failure, to the new addition of roof penetration, we have the solution. In determining whether your roof needs a proper repair or replacement, the age and condition of a roof is the main factor depending on the type of your roof system. Sometimes temporary repairs may be possible even on roofs that needed a replacement.

Any needed repair to a roof should be considered an emergency repair, since even a small roof leak, left untreated, can lead to serious water damage or even pose a threat to the structural integrity of the home. Repairing any cracked or broken wood shingles right away is one of the easiest ways to avoid such problems that would cause a big damage on it in the future.


We service the following areas:

  • Northwest Kansas
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