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4 Things to Consider When Comparing Roofing Contractors

Married couple comparing roofing contractors.

Comparring Roofing Contractors? Nearly all roofing contractors offer free roofing estimates, but identifying the company that will give you the best value in products and service takes a little due diligence. An analysis of a company’s overall price, materials, labor and management will give you a big picture view. With reputable roofing contractors, estimates for…

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Common Roofing Mistakes That Are Easily Avoidable

Murray Roofing Roofer Installing Shingle

If you are considering hiring roofing contractors, or doing things yourself you can save major headaches and future problems by paying attention to these commonly seen installation problems with commercial and residential roofing systems. Single Plies: Poor, Inconsistent Welds Improper Fastener Spacing Unadhered Base Flashing Hot Bituminous: Inadequate Temperature Control Of Asphalt Poor Interply Integrity…

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